Anglo Saxonica S.III N.15


Capa AS15-page-001

Anglo Saxonica S.III N.15



Canção de partida: de Alexandria a Alexandra (ou da materialidade da palavra, de Kaváfis a Leonard Cohen)

The Harp and the Poet: The Harp as a Metaphor for the Romantic Heart

A Quasi-Aesthetic Approach to the Gothic Elements in The Picture of Dorian Gray

Malleable Bodies and Unreadable Beings: Eduardo Kac and Leslie Scalapino’s Poetics of Un-naming

Suburban Gothic Revisited in Jeffrey Eugenides’s The Virgin Suicides

Bard and Gleemen: from the Middle Ages to Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time

“On such a full sea are we now afloat”: Travelling through Oceans, Writings and Images in Early Modern Times

Approaching Democracy: The Virtues of Representative Government in Mid-Victorian England


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