Anglo Saxonica S.III N.16


Anglo Saxonica S. III N. 16


Introductory Note
Luísa Maria Flora, Michaela Schwarz S.G. Henriques and Randall Stevenson

Against Oblivion. Remenbrance, Memory and Myth in Julian Barnes’s “Evermore” (1995) 
Luísa Maria Flora

What the Soldier Said: Silence, (Bad) Language and the Great War
Randall Stevenson

Bliss and Britten: Building Up Wilfred Owen as Myth 
Gilles Couderc

Challenging the Myths of the Great War: John McCrae’s “In Flanders Fields” Revisited
Teresa Gibert

Seeking Freedom and Finding War: A Case Study of Two Pacifists, Vera Brittain and Dora Russell
Michaela Schwarz S.G. Henriques

From Court-Martial to Carnival: Film’s Recreation of the Great War Fifty Years On
Anthony Barker

David Leighton on Roland Leighton as Man and Poet: An Interview
Paula Campos Fernández

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