Culture and Anarchy: Reading Matthew Arnold Today I – From Arnold to Brexit

It has been 150 years since Matthew Arnold published Culture and Anarchy. Its chapters had begun as articles in Cornhill Magazine and Fortnightly Review since 1867. In book form, these essays constitute a powerful critique of Victorian society, but also of today’s societies. Our political, economic, cultural and social problems force us to revisit it.

This debate will be chaired by Alcinda Pinheiro de Sousa (ULICES/CEAUL), and it will have the presence of researchers from several areas of knowledge: Teresa Malafaia (culture and literature studies), Teresa Nunes (history), Jorge Bastos da Silva (culture and literature studies), Mário Barata (law), Jair Rattner (journalism), and João Graça (economics and sociology).

Organizing Committee: Alcinda Pinheiro de Sousa (ULICES/CEAUL), Iolanda Ramos (CETAPS), Jorge Bastos da Silva (CETAPS), Teresa Malafaia (ULICES/CEAUL)

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