Presentation and Workshop: “Women’s Representations of Ageing in Books and Film”

The Women and Ageing Project Group are inviting you to join us for a presentation and a workshop by Dr. Rita Carvalho entitled “Women’s Representations of Ageing in Books and Film”.

We will base our discussion on authors such as Sally Feldman Laura C. Hurd, Sara Zadrozny, Harper Lee, Georgina Chatfield and Donna Ferguson. Topics will include but will not be limited to ageing and its embodied experience, ageing as a disease and a source of exclusion, ageing and agency.

The session is part of the on-going activities of the project on Women and Ageing: Women and Aging: Towards Equality, Dignity and Improvement of Life and Well-being, led by Zuzanna Zarebska Sanches (PhD) and based at CEAUL/ULICES.

All supporting material will be available for purchase at the red photocopying shop.

For further information, please email

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