Title: Trends and Culture Management Colloquium: new beginnings
This is an international scientific activity aimed at communicating research results in the fields of trends and culture management.
When: 25, 27 and 28 May 2021
Where: Online (all sessions will take place on Zoom/Google Meet)
Keynote: Devon Powers (Temple University, USA)
Main Topics: Cultural Management; Strategic Cultural Analysis; Trends and Innovation; Trends Identification/Analysis; Socio-cultural Trends and Strategy; Lifestyles. 
What: Scientific Keynote Lecture; Scientific Communications; Roundtables.

Trends Studies are a growing business and academic enterprise. They look to the complex dynamics and objects/phenomena that are changing the socio-cultural landscape. For this, they look to the past and the present to find patterns and cultural innovations capable of generating insights. They work together with a strategic cultural analysis. This management and analysis of cultural data provides a much needed compass for strategic development in areas like communication and branding in general. Our online “Trends and Culture Management Colloquium: new beginnings” will tackle these matters. 

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