Other Literatures and Cultures in English (RG4)

Other Literatures and Cultures in English (RG4)

Principal Investigator: Ana Raquel Fernandes and Margarida Pereira Martins

Number of researchers: 12 / Integrated members (with PhD): 6 / PhD students: 3 / Other researchers: 3

Research Group 4 of the University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES) focuses on the literatures and cultures in English that have emerged as autonomous areas of study in the last decades of the twentieth century in Australia, Canada, the Caribbean, Ireland, Nigeria, South Africa, and South Asia.

Interdisciplinary research carried out by RG4 approaches these literatures and cultures both within their respective historical and geopolitical contexts, and in their cross-cultural relations. Bearing in mind the changing political architectures of homeland in societies marked by colonisation and migration, in 2014 RG4 launched the Representations of Home in Literatures and Cultures in English (RHOME) project. RHOME studies literary and visual representations of home/lessness and negotiations of identity and belonging in societies engaged in (re)configuring multiple and sometimes conflicting heritages.

RG4 activities include:

  • RHOME symposia (2014; 2017; 2020);
  • RHOSE – Representations of Home Open Seminar, open to the academic and the wider community;
  • RHOME Creative – calls for creative writing on the topics of home/lessness and belonging;
  • Lectures, readings and workshops with writers and academics, including the annual Embassy of Ireland Lecture.