English Studies Courses #48 – “Film Editing Workshop”

This workshops aims to contribute to the training of all those who are interested in film editing (in particular FLUL students and film researchers).

This being an essential stage in content production, the workshop will allow all interested parties a first-hand experience in terms of editing, creation and narrative thinking. To this end, the workshop is divided into two major moments: a first hour dedicated to the theory of Film Editing, in particular its ontology, history and methodology, and then two hours of practice using the Premiere Pro software.

Those interested should bring their own laptops, since the final exercise will be to create an edition from a soundtrack.

Miguel Mira graduated in Computer Animation at Full Sail University. He took an internship at Take it Easy Films and worked as a video editor in Amsterdam. He is currently a PhD student in Film and Image Studies at the University of Coimbra.



All registrations must be made at the School of Arts and Humanities academic services.

The workshops has a limit of 15 students.

Students, researchers and school staff: 20€

Other: 30€

Proof of payment must be sent to: gestao.ceaul@letras.ulisboa.pt


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