Open Class with J. Gerald Kennedy: “Stranger than the Stranger: The Unreadable Text in Poe’s “The Man of the Crowd””

On February 17, at 10 am, in room 2.13 of the School of Arts and Humanities (University of Lisbon), Professor J. Gerald Kennedy will give an open class focusing on the short story “The Man of the Crowd” and its relevance for understanding mechanisms of reciprocal terrorism in modern times and up to our time.

J. Gerald Kennedy, from Indiana State University, in addition to being the coordinator of Penguin Portable Poe (2006), has been responsible for some of the most relevant academic works about the author in our time, namely Strange Nation: Literary Nationalism and Cultural Conflict in the Age of Poe and The Oxford Handbook of Edgar Allan Poe (co-edited with Scott Peeples in 2018).

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