Women and Ageing: Towards equality, dignity and improvement of life and well-being.

The paradox of ageing is that it is an ambivalent and malleable category. On one hand it outlines the limits of one’s usefulness for the system. It marginalizes those who no longer fit the categories of beauty, literacy and productivity established by the dominant discourses. On the other hand, it delineates new markets and small cultures that can be easily targeted by either emerging markets or alternative political and cultural narratives.
Whereas there exists an uncanny fascination with ageing, there also prevails a stigmatizing and denigrating discourse on the so-called “grey wave”: the ageing body and mind.

In the face of the advancements in modern medicine and social sciences allowing for greater longevity and active social participation, there seems to be space for new debates on ageing, establishing new narratives of its experience. The new discussions should confront the outdated ideas on age, invisibility, uselessness and marginalization. In contrast, the new cross-generational narratives on beauty standards, inclusiveness and well-being should reflect first-hand experience and individual necessities of the older population.

We hope that our symposium will reflect the urgent need to speak about age from within and without. This symposium will gather specialists in the field of literary, cultural and social gerontology and we await participation of everyone who is interested in the fascinating subject of ageing.

Venue: On-line
University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES/CEAUL)
Other Literatures and Cultures in English, Group 4
PI/Organization: Zuzanna Zarebska (GI 4), FLUL

To join the symposium please use the link bellow:
Meeting ID: 862 4296 0459
Password: m53Qrr

You can find the symposium’s programme  here.

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