ESC #56 Ozu and the Classical American Cinema

The Ozu and the Classic American Cinema workshop takes place on the 30th of April and its main objective is to provide insight into the influence, as well as the dissonant elements, between the classic American cinema and the oriental cinema of the Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu (1903 -1963). Aimed at students who want to develop knowledge on History of Cinema, North American Cinema, Film Analysis and who want to know more about Ozu’s cinema. Thus, the workshop focuses on the analysis and discussion of films in the relationship between narrative, mise-en-scène and the author, setting out to discover a cinematographic language in permanent renewal and dialogue.

The workshop will operate in a single day, during the period of 3 hours, via Zoom. Throughout this period the trainer will share his know-how and different materials with the trainees. For that purpose, the workshop is divided into two parts: part one explores the theoretical teachings of authors such as David Bordwell, Todd Berliner, John Gibbs as well as the discussion of excerpts from a film from the American classic period. In a second part, dedicated to viewing and discussing excerpts from a film by Ozu, authors such as Donald Richie, Yoshida Kiju, Patrick Holm Hogan and Gilles Deleuze will be addressed. This approach will allow us to better understand the dialogue between directors and their films.

The Course has 20 places and the prices are €15 for ULisboa Students, €20 for the general public. Those interested in registering should do so by April 20th. To complete the registration, it will be necessary to fill in the registration form with all the requested data and send it to until April 20th. Afterwards, you will be contacted on how to proceed with the payment. 

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