Online Seminar in the Medical Humanities Permanent Seminar Cycle

Narrative Medicine (NM) is evolving from its first definitions (Charon, 2001; Greenhalgh. 1999) and perhaps can be seen as moving towards an approach related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations. In the past two decades, NM has been “used” mainly with certain groups to develop empathy and trust in the relationship between health care professionals and patients. Now, the paradigm must shift from medicine, and look not only to treatment, but move on to existential wellbeing. The SDGs mentions the interconnection amongst health, diversity, gender, pollution and climate change and peace. To give a meaning to wellbeing, we must consider, in a narrative manner, all these determinants of health. Therefore, the new gaze of NM should be to include these drivers into the realm of health care and research. NM has to be pragmatic and based not only on intellectual name dropping, but looking after the health care providers, exposed to burn out, with the same dignity as used for patients. These steps call for deep alignments (ecological transitions), and not just etiquette, among patients, doctors and caregivers, thus creating societal inclusion.

Seminar (in English)The future of narrative medicine
Date and Time: March 16, 2023, 6pm.
Speaker: Maria Giulia Marini Scientific and Innovation Director of the Health Care Area of ISTUD, Fondazione, Milan, Italia.
Zoom link: https://videoconf- 3cvM1d1QVB4c09xalpWZHMwNmtBQT09

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