ROAM Outreach 3


18 April 2024 | 11h ­— 12h30 | ROOM B112.C


This event has been organised by three undergraduate students of Contemporary Visual Arts, a subject that is common to several degree courses at the School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon. The artist Aleksei Gribel will be interviewed by the three students about his work, his studies, his relationship with art and his life in Lisbon as a foreign artist. Topics such as his source of inspiration, the process of selecting materials for his artworks and what influences his choices, as well as the meaning of the concept of “home” for the artist, in the broad sense of the word, will be explored.

In addition, Aleksei Gribel will showcase one of his art pieces and elaborate on its construction and the story behind its creation. Lastly, both the artist and the students will give the audience the opportunity to ask questions and maybe have an open conversation about themes such as the artist’s political activism and how he expresses it in his (street) art, the artist’s background and origin, and his experience in finding a home (for art) in Lisbon.

Artist’s Bio note 

Aleksei Gribel, a Russian artist-sculptor, graduated from Saratov College of Information Technology and Management (SKiTU at SSTU), with a specialty in Decorative and Applied Art – Artist-master (hand-painted fabrics and hand weaving) in 2012. In 2013 he moved to St. Petersburg, immersing himself in diverse creative pursuits and refining his skills. By the end of the year, he began self-education in construction and form manipulation. In 2015, Gribel joined the “Interior Theatre” as a decoration creator, gaining valuable insights into design and self-expression. Transitioning to freelance work by late 2015, he focused on crafting sculptures, decorations, and props on commission. In 2017 he began to create street sculptures and installations, drawing on his artistic experience in various fields of art. He has since then continued to engage in street art, creating many works.

He has collaborated with companies such as the quest “ilocked”, “Rabbit hole”, “Big Funny”, “Movie art”, the Museum of Records and Facts “TITIKAKA”, the photography studio POLYGON, brand “TUNDRA” and has taken part in festivals such as “Gamma Festival 2016, 2019”, “SYSTEM 6. 0, 7.0”, “Solar Systo 2018”, “Journey 2019”, “St. Petersburg drizzle 2021”, “ArtWeekend 2021” (St. Petersburg), “Room in the Gully 2018, 2022” (Nizhny Novgorod).

With an extensive portfolio, Gribel has participated in numerous collective exhibitions and held a significant solo exhibition showcasing his decade-long artistic journey.

Some exhibitions:

  • June 2021, Youth Day Art Festival, eco-art “Bionic Structures”, Kvadrat Centre, St Petersburg, Russia
  • September 2021, Charity online auction of art group “Milestone” in support of independent media. Sculpture “Dish of the Day” sold to private collection. Moscow, Russia.
  • January 2022, Collective exhibition of studio works by street artists as part of Puskeen’s presentation of the “Public ART” application, Lumiere Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • October 2022 – participation in the auction of the art group “Veha”, “you will not be recognized” Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • November 2022 – Personal sale exhibition “Gribel’s Treasury” at the art space “F5”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • December 2022 – participation in the international grant “Innenarchitektur von Kunstwohncontainern” in Fürstenwalde, Germany in the up-cycling Art Residence “P.a.S.E.V.” with the projects “Gribels port” and the functional object “techno-oven”

Scientific Coordinator: Paula Horta

Organisers: Dimitra Alevizopoulou, Ekaterina Tarasenko, Evelin Veres

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