Contar um Conto / Storytelling

Contar um Conto / Storytelling

The Reception of British and Irish Short Fiction in Portugal and Portuguese Short Fiction in the United Kingdom and Ireland (1980-2010)


The project consists of a study of the reception of British and Irish contemporary short fiction within Portuguese culture and of Portuguese contemporary short fiction within British and Irish cultures. There will be a 2-phase process of data collection and analysis: the 1st phase concerns the reception of British and Irish short narratives in Portugal; the 2nd focuses on Portuguese short narratives translated and published in the United Kingdomand Ireland. We seek to establish a comprehensive study concerning short fiction and the short story in the contemporary literary panorama of the 3 cultural systems under scrutinity between 1980-2012.

Our aims are as follows:

a) to carry out research concerning British and Irish contemporary authors of short fiction translated in Portugal and Portuguese contemporary short fiction authors translated in the UK and Ireland, adopting a quantitative taxonomy;

b) to analyse the selection process as well as the translation process, adopting a qualitative taxonomy;

c) to study the political and social aspects of the selected texts;

d) to determine the importance of translations in establishing a canon;

e) to question theoretical frameworks related to the short story involving issues of genre and reception studies.

From the results of the research carried out during the 1st and 2nd phases of the project, the team expects to significantly expand the available data on the translation and reception of contemporary short fiction in the countries under analysis, contributing to a more thorough understanding of the literary exchanges between Portugal, United Kingdom and Ireland.

Principal Investigator: Ana Raquel Lourenço Fernandes

Team members: Ana Bela Almeida; Ana Luísa Teixeira; Ana Raquel Lourenço Fernandes; Claire Williams;  Inês Alves Mendes; Mário Semião; Paul Michael Melo e Castro; Serafina Martins; Suzan Bozkurt; Zuzanna Sanches

Collaborators: Fátima Candé; Jennifer Arnold; Raquel Ribeiro; Sara Paiva Henriques; Teresa Casal

Consultants: Patricia Odber de Baubeta (University of Birmingham); Susan Bassnett (University of Warwick); Ellen Sapega (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Consultants (University of Lisbon): Isabel Rocheta (CLEPUL); João Almeida Flor (CEAUL)

Participating Institutions: University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies (ULICES) / University of Birmingham, U.K

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